On today’s show we welcome Valorie Rivero, the Principal Consultant of WestWhile.

Topics include:
Valorie’s role as Principal Consultant at WestWhile and how they serve nonprofits.

The driving force behind Valorie’s curiosity towards adopting new technology.

How instant messaging has replaced the phone call or face-to-face transactions.

Adjusting communication styles to engage with different generations in the workplace.

Technological advancements and trends in workplace communication tools.

Understanding video conference etiquette and the importance of showing focus.

About Valorie Rivero:

Valorie Rivero is a high-level collaborator and mentor that has launched multiple innovative multi-channel campaigns that drove sales and revenues to $100M+, gaining four awards for exemplary performance and outstanding achievement. Valorie has strong interpersonal and focused management abilities that improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and contribute to long-term sustainable performance.

Throughout her career, Valorie has spent over 15 years as Associate Director at WebMD where she championed 100 plus programs from concept all the way through launch. Today she is the Principal Consultant for her own company, WestWhile, which offers digital assistance to nonprofits, as she plans her next corporate career move.

Learn more about Valorie Rivero at WestWhile, LinkedIn, and Twitter.