Higher Education Communication Training

Presentr prepares your students and faculty to be confident speakers.

Applications in higher education:

Career Services

Students are ill prepared for the interviewing and recruiting process for both summer internships and entry into the workforce. Presentr partners with career services to provide a practice tool to ready students for these all important conversations.

Distance Learning

Effectively teaching communication skills becomes increasingly more difficult when teaching in a virtual environment. Presentr is an important learning tool to both help students practice and improve presentations and help professors evaluate their students in a scalable platform.


Communication Skills Development

Nearly every student is required to present throughout their academic career, yet most lack confidence because they’ve never been taught how to speak effectively. Presentr offers students learning at their fingertips using gamification and highly engaging activities to build confidence.

Faculty Professional Development

The quality and clarity of a professors’ message and/or ability to engage students is a critical element for academic success. Many professors struggle with these skills. Presentr supports faculty development with custom feedback and coaching to help professors best engage in the classroom.

Games and Activities

Presentr uses gamification to create a highly engaging and exciting experience for both students and faculty. 

AI-Powered Coach

Presentr’s AI coach, Abbie, creates a dynamic and customized experience that meets students where they are in their communication skills development journey.


Leadership can be given access to a dashboard to track team metrics and progress over time.


Professors can track utilization, engagement, and improvement to ensure students (and themselves) are achieving their desired outcomes. 

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