Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Presentation and Communication Skills Training

Pharmaceutical & healthcare companies require expert presenters and communicators across the enterprise, speaking compliantly and confidently.

Presentr works with top pharma companies to ‘digitize’ communication & presentation skills training.


Ride-alongs and roleplaying are ineffective and expensive solutions to addressing the problem of HCP engagement. Enterprises need a way to extend communication and presentation skills coaching to their sales force, track measure critical KPIs, and be proactive about on-label sales presentations.

Product Marketing

Product marketers need to communicate products confidently and concisely to presidents to gain support to move plans for launch forward. Marketers can practice on their own time with their own presentation content to get objective feedback highlighting strengths and areas of improvements.


Transforming complex data and research into a compelling message is not easy. Presentr breaks down the main components of a presentation into four main pillars: pace of speech, filler words, posture, and body movement, and uses AI to suggest which areas to focus on based on current skills.

Speaker's Bureau

Speaker’s bureaus need to adapt to virtual interactions and provide doctors a way to prepare to preempt off-label language and associated fines. Doctors are able to prepare for each presentation, focusing on compliance and delivery before getting on stage.

Custom Topics & Prompts

Prompts and speaking topics can be customized to your company, product, market, or drug so you’re building muscle memory.

Manager’s Dashboard

Leadership can be given access to a dashboard to track team metrics and progress over time.


Leadership can be given access to a dashboard to track team metrics and progress over time.

AI-Powered Coach

Abbie, your AI coach, proactively makes suggestions based on your past performance to speed up the learning process.


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Man vs. Machine

Could Presentr replicate the interaction with an experienced, human coach? And if so, how would we determine the accuracy of the technology’s analysis? Download the PDF and find out..

What have we learned from the pandemic when it comes to communicating?

If you’re eager to get objective real-time feedback that will enhance your skills in all facets of communication, Presentr offers that valuable advantage over the competition. Read the full blog post.

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