On today’s show we welcome Jennifer Neumaier, Enterprise Sales Manager, Learning Solutions at LinkedIn, and Strategic Advisor for Presentr.

Topics include:
Exploring Jennifer’s passion for communication and the challenges she’s faced in her life and career.

Jennifer’s role at LinkedIn and how she applies her communication skills and experience.

Understanding the integration of Millennials in the workplace.

The latest, most progressive trends in solving work-life balance dilemmas.

The shift toward being people-centric rather than business-centric.

Adopting an openness for learning through new or different media.

About Jennifer Neumaier:
Jennifer Neumaier is the Enterprise Sales Manager at LinkedIn. She is a consultative, results-driven, senior executive who has been providing guidance and insight to corporations and financial institutions for over 20 years. Her first and foremost responsibility is to her clients to ensure they are receiving significant ROI, unsurpassed support and market intelligence to help them make informed decisions.

She is grateful to work for an organization that shares in her vision. They are positively impacting economies and connecting individuals to opportunity, education, and people that will shape the direction of their future. She looks at every interaction as an opportunity and believes everyone should too, because your next connection may change your life.

Learn more about Jennifer Neumaier on LinkedIn.