On today’s show we welcome Michael Roderick, founder and CEO of Small Pond Enterprises and founder of ConnectorCon.

Topics include:
Learning new material through simulation.
The “bookmark technique” and the importance of active listening when connecting with new people.
Tactics to maintain and expand your network through communication.
What to look for in speakers and panelists: the container vs. the contents.
Michael shares some of his favorite speakers, podcasts, and books.
And much more!

About Michael Roderick:

Michael Roderick is the founder and CEO of Small Pond Enterprises. He is a social catalyst who believes in the power of making meaningful connections for others. Michael has also been a high school English Teacher, a Broadway Producer, and a Director of Business Development.

Small Pond Enterprises seeks to support connectors, innovators, and entrepreneurs with a range of personalized educational services provided by expert consultants who develop an individualized process for creating quality work that is supported by a customized, viable business model. Additionally, by connecting entrepreneurs with resources, people, and advisers, Small Pond Enterprises bring disparate communities together and helps them to establish mutually beneficial relationships. Michael is also the founder of ConnectorCon, which is short for The Connecting Connectors Conference, and designed to help create a safe space for the sharing of ideas and resources through workshops and panels.

Learn more about Michael Roderick at Small Pond EnterprisesLinkedIn, and Twitter.