On today’s show we welcome Neil Mody, CEO and Founder of SpareMin.

Topics include:
Content and technology: the intersection of Neil’s two loves.
Why search and social doesn’t work well for podcasts.
Converting audio to video for podcasts, radio and music.
What goes into creating a great podcast? Neil shares his views.
How podcasts compete in an attention economy—are people switching from looking to listening?
The biggest marketing challenge for podcasters.
The importance of self-expression and communication in podcasting.
Neil shares his thoughts on the TedTalk platform and top tips for great public presentations.

About Neil Mody:

Neil Mody is a two-time entrepreneur with an extensive background in philosophy, computer science, technology and content creation. Today, Neil performs the role of CEO and Founder at SpareMin. SpareMin’s signature product, Headliner, makes it easy to turn audio into social video and is currently being used by thousands of audio producers around the world. SpareMin is built for podcasters, marketers, musicians, publishers, radio stations and anyone who is ready to ditch their pricey video editor subscription.

Learn more about Neil Mody at SpareMinLinkedIn, and Twitter.