Presentr gives voice to millions of people by building their confidence so they can share their ideas with passion and impact.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to speak with confidence, even when they don’t feel confident on the inside. That’s why we created Presentr. Our goal is to help people understand that it is not just what they are saying but how they are saying it that helps build confidence and competence. Presentr helps you improve the way people hear you every time you speak – whether it be professionally or personally.

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Like other skills, developing your voice requires practice and repetition. Before Presentr, this required hiring a coach or attending seminars where the feedback is subjective and inconsistent. Presentr provides a platform for anyone to practice using your voice and receiving consistent and objective feedback. And, best of all, Presentr takes something that we often dread and makes it fun and meaningful. Presentr gives you measurable tips and techniques and helps you learn with games and content, providing a continuous learning experience.

We hope you have fun using Presentr to find your voice and project your thoughts with more confidence and passion!

Our Team

Tim Wikstrom

CEO, Co-Founder

Tammy Palazzo

COO, Co-Founder

Alejandro Acevedo

Lead Developer

Blake Shetter

Lead iOS Developer

Jill Duhl

QA Tester


Karl Kapp

Strategic Advisor

Lakshimi Blachandra

Strategic Advisor

Sheila Babnis

Strategic Advisor

Jennifer Neumaier

Strategic Advisor